SmallRig 4×5.65 ND0.6 Filter 3588


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This 4 x 5.65″ Cine Neutral Density Filter from SmallRig is an ND0.6 neutral density filter that produces a 2 f-stop exposure reduction, making it possible to reduce shutter speed for added blur when shooting still images, or for finer control over frame rate when shooting video. In addition, shooting at a wider aperture to reduce depth of field helps isolate the image subject from the background by increasing bokeh. This filter is compatible with any 4 x 5.65″ matte box or filter holder that has a filter slot for 4mm-thick filters.

Made with high-clarity, high-transmission B270 optical glass, this filter is precisely ground and polished for use with lenses of various focal lengths without compromising image sharpness. The filter is coated on both sides with multilayer nano-coating to reduce lens flare and optimize light transmission. The coatings are also mildewproof and water resistant, toughened to prevent stains, and easy to clean, making the filter ideal for use in harsh environments.

• Compatible with 4 x 5.65″ matte box systems
• 4mm thick
• For still photography and video applications
• Double-sided multilayer nano-coating
• SCHOTT B270 optical glass construction
• Waterproof and oil-resistant coating
• High-accuracy color reproduction

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