SmallRig Silicone Donut Shading Hood with 114mm Rear Opening for Matte Box 3409


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Available on back-order

Connecting a wide range of lenses to your existing Matte Box 2660 is fast and simple with the stretchy SmallRig Silicone Donut. It connects to the 114mm opening of the matte box, then stretches to wrap snugly around lenses with diameters from 58 to 114mm.

This single donut replaces the entire set of step-up rings that come with Matte Box 2660, allowing much quicker changes between your lenses while preventing unwanted light leakage. The silicone donut has a 114mm metal ring that snaps into the opening on the back of the matte box. Its four reinforced external tabs can be tugged to make easy adjustments, and their structure helps prevent the donut from collapsing, which would vignette the image.

Flexible Design
Made to accommodate lenses between 58 and 114mm, this donut’s stretchy silica gel allows for speedy lens changes. Each adapter ring that comes with the matte box is only suitable for one size lens and must be swapped as well. This product eliminates that extra time-consuming step.

Perfect Fit
The tension design of the donut ensures a precise fit around your lens, keeping unwanted light from seeping in and washing out your footage by reflecting off the back of the filter.

This product works best when combined with the SmallRig LWS Rod Support for Matte Box 2663, which supports the Matte Box 2660 and prevents it and the donut from twisting.

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