SmallRig Shoulder Pad Pro 2837B


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Available on back-order

Use the SmallRig Shoulder Pad Pro to quickly switch between handholding your cinema camera and mounting it on a separately available VCT-14 tripod adapter plate. The Shoulder Pad Pro features a durable aluminum baseplate, and a comfortable, integrated silicone shoulder pad allows you to handhold your camera for long periods. The baseplate features include front and back 15mm LWS rod support, ARRI-style rosettes on both sides, and multiple 1/4″-20 accessory threads. The bottom of the plate features a V-lock-style VCT-14 wedge to mount onto an optional VCT plate.

The included Manfrotto 501 plate features measurement markings, and it slides back and forth up within a 3.1″ range to balance your camera on your shoulder or rig. The front 15mm rod clamp can be adjusted vertically 1.1″ to ensure the proper 15mm rod height for certain cinema cameras. The Manfrotto plate features 1/4″-20 and 3/8″-16 camera mounting screws and a flat wrench that stores under the baseplate secures the camera screws.

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