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The Nucleus-M Motor Kit 1 from Tilta includes the compact Nucleus-M focus/iris/zoom brushless lens motor and a 22″ 7-pin to 7-pin power cable. The motor also comes with a 19mm rod adapter that secures on the side and a 19-to-15mm bushing. The Nucleus-M motor features the cinema lens standard 0.8 MOD and offers high, medium, and low torque settings. Other features include automatic and manual calibration and a status window display.

Tilta Nucleus-M FIZ Lens Control Motor
The compact Tilta Nucleus-M FIZ Lens Control Motor features an integrated motor drive, eliminating the space of a separate drive box and enabling a quicker setup. Power the motor using a separately available D-Tap cable and power source, or daisy-chain to another motor using a 7-pin cable.

The Nucleus-M wireless motor includes a cine standard 0.8 Mod drive gear and a 19mm rod adapter with a bushing for mounting onto a 15mm rod. The motor features automatic or manual calibration, a display window, and high, medium, and low torque settings.

• Brushless motor with an integrated motor drive
• Cine-lens standard 0.8 Mod, 35-tooth, 32-pitch gear
• Motor clamps onto 19mm or 15mm rods (with included bushing)
• Power via separately available D-Tap cable or daisy-chain to additional motors
• Automatic and manual calibration
• For focus, iris, or zoom control
• High, medium, and low torque settings
• Status display window

Tilta Nucleus-M 7-Pin Motor to Motor Cable (7″)
Use this 7″ Nucleus-M 7-Pin Motor to Motor Cable from Tilta to connect one Nucleus-M lens control motor to another.

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