Well done Canon As promised a 5Dmk2 firmware upgrade

Firmware Upgrade Link

Canon late last year promised a new firmware upgrade for the Canon 5Dmk2 . To add further functionality to the video capabilities of the 5Dmk2 and they have delivered.
The new firmware incorporates the following updates and benefits:

1. Frame rate added and changed to now include 24fps (cinema) and 25fps (PAL broadcast)
– Shoots a variety of frame rates, overcoming the need for compression
2. Movie shooting in shutter-priority AE (Tv) and aperture-priority AE (Av) modes
– Ensures users have greater creative control over the exposure and depth-of-field
3. Manual adjustment of sound recording level (64 levels)
– Greater creative control with the camera’s sound recording
4. Sampling frequency changed (from 44.1 KHz to 48 KHz)
– Makes video and audio synchronisation easier
5. Histogram display for shooting movies in manual exposure
6. Fixes a phenomenon1 where communication between the camera and the attached lens is sometimes interrupted after manual sensor cleaning

Users will be able to download the firmware upgrade from mid-March.