Team Digital invites you to an Open House

You are invited to an Open House at Team Digital 268 Lord Street Perth on the Wednesday 14th April anytime from 4pm to 8pm where we will be showcasing the NEW Leaf Digital Backs, hands-on demonstrations on the NEW Phase One 645DF and NEW Schneider Leaf Shutter Lenses.

Leaf Backs are now available in WA through Team Digital for a lot less than you think.

Phase One P40+,P65+,your perfect shooting partner. World leading image capture techology.

Phase One 645DF body, one of the most advanced camera systems on the market. Fast Auto Focus,
Open Platform, shutter speed up 1/4000s and an amazing 1/1600 flash sync ,yes 1/1600 .

Schneider Lenses, see the extremes of Image quality and versatility, with the new leaf shutter lenses.

to RSVP Contact Bianca 9328 3377 or