Drobo FS Storage Robot – Now supports Time Machine

A Drobo is an excellent way to easily expand your network storage. Just insert from two to five hard drives in to a Drobo FS, for your desired storage capacity, then plug the Drobo FS into your network and you can enjoy the peace-of-mind of convenient, redundant storage.

Now Drobo FS supports Apple Time Machine, so with the convenient backup technology build into Mac OS X Leopard and Snow Leopard Apple Macintosh users can have a history of backups for each computer on your network. Then, accidentally deleting a file, then, is no longer a drama. Just a quick visit to Time Machine and you can retrieve a copy of that file, that is at most only an hour old. With a 5-bay Drobo FS at less that $1,200 (enclosure only) you can mix-and-match hard drive sizes up to 2TB each. You can expand a Drobo FS up to about 7.3 TB of protected data. That’s a lot of space for your photo archive or whatever you’d like to store.