Tech Tip : Problem with Plugin with CS5

We have had a number of people who have had problems with their plugins with CS5 . The problems simply put is that a lot of these plugin wont work in a 64bit environment. Until the plugin manufacture brings out an update then you wont be able to use them in CS5 64bit.

Until then there is still away of getting your much-loved plugin to work with CS5 on a Mac.

You simply need to start Photoshop CS5 in 32bit Mode. This will take away your new-found performance gains by not running it in 64bit but it will give access to your plugins. How do we do this.

Simply go into your applications folder find the Photoshop CS5 folder in that folder find the Photoshop CS5 application icon.

Click on the icon and then click on Apple + I to bring up the dialogue box below.

Then tick “Open in 32Bit Mode”

Then open Photoshop CS5 as you would normally, now you running in 32 bit mode.

And your plugins are up running . You will need to go through the same procedure to start Photoshop in 64Bit mode. This time unticking the box.

We have spoken to a number of Plugin manufactures re this issue and they assure us that the problem will be sorted out very shortly so until then just follow the above procedure and your plugins will be working.