Fake Anti-Virus software 'MacDefender' – don't be fooled.

While Apple Macintosh computers enjoy very little (almost zero) trouble from viruses there is some malicious software(malware) on the internet at the moment that targets Macintosh computer owners.

The recent ‘Mac Defender’ fake anti-virus malware is software that tries to install itself on your computer, and then ask for your credit card details, under the guise of offering to remove a non-existent virus infection. This type of software, really common in the Windows world, is sometimes called a Trojan horse. While not technically a virus, as it can’t spread itself automatically from one computer to another, it can still trick the unsuspecting.

Apple have released a Support article on their website with their response to this recent malware and along with instructions on how to remove it. Better still, avoid installing it in the first place.

Just follow this link for Apple’s advice.


In general a high degree of caution and common sense should be exercised when using the internet.

Some Quick Tips:

Only install software from origins you know.

Don’t type in your username and password to install software you haven’t asked for.

Importantly, don’t give out your credit card or other sensitive personal information on the internet.

Avoid doing financial transactions over the internet from internet cafes and on public wi-fi hotspots.

Check your computer for viruses regularly, especially if it is behaving strangely.

Commercial Anti-Virus software:

Intego Virusbarrier


Donationware Anti-Virus software: