iTeaser Night Tip for iPads and iPhones

Closing App’s on the iPhone and the iPad. A lot of people don’t know that just by moving on to another app doesn’t shut down the current app . Try it for yourself and see how many app’s you have open, the current record is about 40. Anyway this is how you shut down apps. This doesn’t delete the app from the iPhone or iPad, it will simply close it, this will return precious processing power and will also use less battery power.

To close the iPhone or iPad app, you must open your task bar. Do this by pressing down the home button at the bottom of your iPhone or iPad twice in a row. The home button is the round button you use to close iPhone or iPad apps. When you double click the home button, a task bar will appear showing your most recently used apps.

Touch one of the app icons and hold your finger against it until the icons begin to shake. A red button with a minus sign will appear at the top of the icons. When you see this button, you can release your finger and then simply tap the button for any app you want to close.

So if you’ve got more than 40 open let us know, let see what the record will be.