iTeaser Night on iPad

On Monday Team held the first iTeaser for 2011, showing how to turn the iPad from a handy little gadget, to a effective tool that you can use in your imaging business. From using the iPad to control your camera and studio lighting, for wireless image transfer, to using the Capture One App to allow clients to view images as you are shooting. This relaxed informative presentation was a real eye opener for those who attended. We can confirm that there will be a another iTeaser running in early August which will cover all the questions you may have about data storage including Drobo systems. Stay Tuned

Capture Pilot is a free app that the people at Capture One supply. Although it does need Capture One 6.0 to run so its not exactly free, but it does do a great job. What this app does is allow clients to see the images that you are taking at on a shoot via there iPad. You need to have a computer that is tethered with Capture One running. Capture Pilot then via the iPad or iPhone for that matter, you can see the images as they are shot, it also gives you the ability of going backward and forwards through the images, enlarge images, rate images. A very handy little app.

ShutterSnitch and EyeFi this is the ultimate when it comes to truely wireless image transfer. With a EyeFi card and the Shuttersnitch software we can transfers images to the iPad without needing to be near a wireless network ( Wireless Broadcast ) Once the images are downloaded you can thumbnail view, enlarge, and send to via email. We have been using this system for some time with the Fuji X-100 and it works a treat. One hitch is that the Eyefi cards are only available in SD card format at the moment.

Elinchrom Light control this app allows you to control your Elinchrom RX lighting via your iPad. Although we couldnt use it in anything but the demo mode due to the dongle not being available from Elinchrom. We could certainly see the possiblities of the app to simplfy studio work.

Photoshop Express This is one of the best of the bunch of editing app, but not very usefull for professionals.

Dropbox Team has been singing the praises of this brilliant storage method for some time. Dropbox can be used on virtually anything C, Mac, Andriod Phone, iPhone and of course the iPad. The system is so simple you can store up to 2Gb of Data free on a Dropbox server which can accessed via the a web browser at anytime. You can also give people clients access to certain file in your Dropbox.

DisplayPad this allow us to turn out iPad into a second screen for a computer. Which we found very handy for application such as Lightroom etc. Or for some who wants to keep up with Facebook or the web while working on the main computer. Very easy to setup but it is Mac only.

Spyder Gallery this was just released and we were quite impressed. This app allow us the calibrate our iPad as such, the calibration is only active when you use the Spyder Gallery to view the images in. Which is still quite handy. You will need a Spyder 3 and a computer to do this calibration , the Spyder connect to your computer and then you place the Spyder on the iPad it then send the the calibration data back to iPad wirelessly.

Photographic Contracts : Create, Edit, Sign and Email Photography Contracts and releases from your iPad or iPhone!! Embed images and branding options. Pro Placeholder Pack Upgrade allows for even more customization options.

One of the main questions that came up on the night was

Can I connect a a USB or Hard drive storage device ? The answer is no at the moment sorry.