Elinchrom Zooms just released

Elinchrom have just released a new series Flash heads for Elinchrom power packs.

Three new ZOOM heads for Elinchrom power packs are now available.

New is a microprocessor controlled, low noise fan cooling system, a new included transparent glass dome, user replaceable plug-in flash tube and a zoom function for the modelling lamp and flash tube, to obtain individual illumination when used with reflectors or a wide and even light distribution for Rotalux softboxes. The zoom function is accessible from both sides of the head housing. The new housing is rock solid and lightweight with a large rubberised handle. Further more the ZOOM heads can be used with either 110 V or 230 V Elinchrom power packs. Just the Halogen modelling lamp must conform to the correct voltage.


The ZOOM ACTION Head offers a very short flash duration for action freezing photography. The new A (action) tube is a single twin-pole plug-in flash tube with even light distribution.






This Head is designed for universal use photography and is equipped with a standard 3000 ws omega plug-in flash tube. Best value for money :






The ZOOM PRO HD is designed to withstand extreme frequency of use, the heavier duty and high quality plug-in flash tube minimise changes in light characteristics and output. The ZOOM PRO HD is the best choice for catalogue and 3D turntable imaging. Ultimate performance for hard users :




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