Video Lighting LED144 and LED312

Team Digital have introduced a low-cost portable LED lighting solution. They come in two sizes LED144 (13.5 x 8.5cm) and LED312 (19 x 11.5cm), battery-powered, lightweight and compact, perfect for Video or Still photography. They come with a convenient hotshoe mount and carry case which includes the batteries chargers etc. Our video guy has tested the smaller of the two units and he got a huge 4 hours of use at full power out of one battery, not bad.

The LED also have a colour blender, which means you can dial in any colour temperature from 3200K to 5600K. A great feature if you are dealing with mixed lighting situations or you just want to warm up a scene slightly. They also have a dimmer that allows us to control the amount of light from 10% to 100%. And if that not enough the units also come complete with diffuser’s.

Output wise the LED312 pumps out a flicker free 6850 Lux at 50cm, and LED144 2354 Lux at 50cm. The beam angle is about 60 degree.

Come in a check out the range.