The amazing new Wacom Inkling will be in store at Team Digital next week. We are organising a product review as soon as it arrives, so stay tuned! If you can’t wait for the review you can place your order now.

Heres a video on how the software works:


We’ve had so many question about Inkling, we thought we’d put together some information on the most common asked questions.

1) What size paper can the Inkling record from? Basically you can use an A4 Note pad — bearing in mind that you can’t sketch within 2 cm of the receiver.

2) What resolution does Inkling work at? 600 DPI

3) How long does the charge last in the Inkling receiver and pen? 8 hours for the receiver and 15 hours for the pen.

4) Can you use pencil in the Inkling? No, only pen. They are a standard refill 1.0mm mini ballpoint.

5) Can it be used left handed? Yes, the receiver is designed to allow you to clip it to any edge of the notebook that you want.