Premium Sticky Albums

Team Digital is now stocking a great new product –Premium Sticky Albums: the perfect way to show off your images. This is the DIY of albums that allows you to create your own stunning looking album. All you need is some prints (preferably from your much loved Epson printer) and you’re on your way. Then simply stick your prints directly into the albums. No mattes-just a clean contemporary style album that you will love to show your friends or clients. These albums wont break the bank either starting from $ 20.00 for the smallest through to the largest (which is a 10 x 14” ) for under $ 100.00.

The albums are available in black with 10 pages ( 20 sides ) and come complete with their own presentation box.


3.5 x 5” $ 19.50
8 x 8” $ 51.00
10 x 10” $ 70.00
10 x 14” $ 99.00