Urban Landscape ?

A lot of people have been asking about the definition of a Urban Landscape, well here’s the definition we are using for the Golden Shopping Trolley awards

  • Urban Landscape is something relating to or concerning with cities, city life or densely populated areas. Urban landscape photography is usually associated with imagery within contemporary mediums, cities, buildings, streets, subways and just about anywhere human life exists and lives. It represents and expresses experiences that exist among these areas and it can sometimes focus more on the patterns or processes of those areas rather than the people.

Here’s some other conditions you need to consider when entering the Awards

  • Images must have been taken within the 18 months prior to the closing date for entries.
  • Images entered must have been exposed by the entrant.
  • The image entered must be 100% photographic in origin.
  • All aspects of the image must have been produced by the entrant including all post production work. Entrants must be able to supply a copy of the proof used to create a final image if so requested by the judges.
  • No titles or marks which may identify the author are permitted on the image itself.
  • Entries must be uploaded as three images in separate JPEG files.

And most importantly the author of the image retains the copyright ownership.

Heres some example of Urban Landscapes, Good Luck with your entries.