Eizo SX2462 Special

Eizo SX2462W shows some characteristics of the much more expensive and professional Eizo ColorEdge monitors in some areas, and that makes the SX range a perfect companion for photography and graphical applications. Great low cost all round monitor.

The Eizo SX2462 Features
Wide Color Gamut

The monitor reproduces 98% of the Adobe RGB color space so it can display most colors in a digital photo taken in Adobe RGB mode.

Three Inputs Including DisplayPort

Connect with up to three PCs via the monitor’s dual DVI-I inputs which accept digital and analog signals, and the DisplayPort (digital) input terminals. DisplayPort is next-generation connectivity that transmits both video and audio signals.

Placement Flexibility

The FlexScan SX2462W comes with a “FlexStand” that offers tilt, swivel, 90° rotation for portrait mode viewing, and 174 mm of height adjustment. Its innovative, bearing-less design reduces mechanical wear and the amount of torque required to adjust height.

Brightness and Color Uniformity with DUE

Fluctuations in brightness and chroma on different parts of the screen are characteristic of LCD panels. Generally, the larger the screen, the more noticeable these uniformity errors become. EIZO’s Digital Uniformity Equalizer (DUE) helps to compensate for these errors, resulting in a much more uniform image.

Simple Color Matching with EIZO EasyPIX

The EIZO EasyPIX color matching tool is ideal for digital SLR camera users looking to match colors between their monitors and photo prints. With the EasyPIX software you can match the monitor’s color and brightness with that of the photo paper and then create a monitor profile with the bundled EX1 color sensor. No expertise in color management is required and the profile can be shared with image retouching software to ensure accurate results when printing.

This is what clients are saying about the SX2462

“Easy To Setup, Great colour, Sharp Image I am so pleased I made this investment ”

“Easy to calibrate and works beautifully with the Easypix software.”

“Thanks for talking me into buy the Eizo SX2462, its made such a difference to my workflow I wish I had done it early