The Mega Canon 5DS

Canon have just upped the ante on Nikon with the Canon 5Ds. With a whopping 50MP sensor which sees Canon winning the DSLR resolution war for first time in a long time. The Canon 5DS-R seems to have been built with the Landscape / Fine art / Still life Photographer in mind (ie Nikon D800E with no low-pass filter) and a possible change to the colour filter array for more accurate colour capture.

There was a few thing that stood out apart from the Mega Megapixel 50MP to be be exact.

The R model has the “Low-pass filter effect disabled” which basically give us a sharper image but it also means that you can introduce Moire into files. So we believe the R will be a good choice for landscape photographers, just like the Nikon D800e.

Newly designed mirror box to reduce the vibration through the camera.

Some crop settings – 1.3 and 1.6x with or without masks. I guess that would useful maybe, or you could crop the file on the computer.

Not 1, not 2 but 3 Raw settings – 50MP, 24MP and 12MP – great for wedding portrait shooters that won’t need the full 50MP.

You will need two Digic 6 processors to process these files. It still has 5 FPS, which if you think about it is some achievement by Canon considering the size of the files.

Time lapse movie function allows us to capture still images and then compile them into a movie – all in-camera.

What doesn’t it have?

Wireless may be a option, or you can use the old faithful, Camranger.

4K video – I know there are a lot of disappointed shooters with this. I guess Canon is just keeping some differentiation between their models.

No Mega ISO –  6400 is it, which is more that enough for 99% of shooting.

And yes, we are taking orders now. ETA should be around June / July.