Elinchrom ELB just announced

Elinchrom announces their most advanced portable flash system, the ELB.

The Elinchrom ELB are a direct replacement for the very successful Quadra series of portable flashes. The ELB takes some of the amazing features from Elinchrom flagship flash system ELC.

How does the ELB stack up against the current Quadra?

  • New “OLED” display offers much more information and makes it much easier to navigate menu options. It’s also easier to see in daylight. Layout is the same as our much loved ELCs.
  • 424 W/s more power.
  • 20% faster recycling time.
  •  Tiny flash heads with full-sized performance.
  • 350 full-power flashes (Ranger Quadra was 320).
  • Lifetime battery performance optimised, even recovering deeply discharged cells.
  • Strobo, Sequence and Delayed flash. The same functions that the ELC range currently offers.
  • Next-generation Skyport offers more of everything.
  • Compatible with the current range of Elinchrom shapers and softboxes.

ELB 400 Tech spec