Portable Power with the Elinchrom ELB

Elinchrom ELB
Elinchrom ELB

The ELB400 – now in stock.


We recently got our first shipment of ELB kits! We have also added the ELB system to our hire equipment.

A cross between our much loved ELC heads and a portable Quadra pack – the best of both worlds.

The ELB is the next stage of evolution in the Elinchrom Quadra battery-powered flash kit.

  • Faster recycling
  • More flashes per charge
  • OLED display
  • Creative modes

So how does it stack up against the competition?

Flashes per charge

Now more flashes per battery with 350 actuations at full power (competitor brand has a max of 220).

Flash duration

This is a little more difficult to explain, but we’ll try. With the Action head at full power 1/2800 (competitor brand 1/1000) you can achieve a higher flash duration by using two heads, which gets you to 1/4000. It’s possible to achieve a higher flash duration on a competitor brand head, but that’s at 2W/s.


Slightly lighter, but nothing that would concern anyone either way. There’s an argument that suggests a battery pack built into a head causes it to be top heavy when on a stand. Making the battery & pack separate may be a little less convenient, but perhaps more stable.


The ELB 400 features Strobe and sequence mode (competitor brand has neither).


The ELB kits are less expensive than the competitor brand.


What the ELB 400 doesn’t have is TTL capability. We’ve questioned the value of that feature and there’s a lot of discussion on the web about whether the TTL function is as useful as it sounds.

And yes, the ELB 400 are capable of High-speed Sync. We’re testing some options now.


Stay tuned for the full review.