BOOM Kupo 546 Junior Boom

BOOM the new Kupo 546 Junior Boom just arrived at Team Digital.

We’re not sure where the junior bit comes into it. Its huge, its stable and if you want 5m high stand it does that as well.

Kupo546The Kupo 546M Junior Boom Stand is a versatile heavy duty light stand which reaches to 510cm, and also converts to a boom stand. By pivoting the top two sections from within the light stand, the can pivot and become a 280cm boom. With sturdily constructed chrome plated steel sections, square-end legs and a strong pivoting collar, the Kupo Junior Boom Stand offers our most stable support for a medium to large sized light fixture with a softbox or umbrella. It includes one levelling leg for stable support on uneven terrain. Optional casters make easy work of moving the boom around on location or in studio.
The triple function stand top includes a junior receiver, a baby pin, and a baby receiver. The baby pin can be positioned upward, downward, or extend from the end of the boom. The rear of the boom includes a hole to attach a sand bag for counterbalancing.

The Kupo 546M is an ideal replacement for the Avenger A4050CS Junior boom stand which is no longer available in Australia

And for well under $600 its great value. Come in and see it for yourself at Team Digital Touch Studio.