Team Digital: WA’s Elinchrom Professionals

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Why buy from Team Digital, WA’s Elinchrom Professionals?

We are the only outlet that has an Elinchrom Touch Studio, so you can see the full range of Elinchrom studio flash equipment in action. Bring in your camera and try out the latest lights or shapers for yourself.

We offer a number of seminars and workshops on Elinchrom Studio lighting, some which are free when you purchase your Elinchrom Lighting kit through Team Digital.

All our staff have extensive training on all aspects of the Elinchrom system & use the equipment on a regular basis, so we can give you the best advice on your Elinchrom purchase.

Not only do we have great prices on the full range on Elinchrom products, we also run an Education pricing program so if you are Student, College, or Teacher, you qualify for extra discount on the full range.

Lastly we have an extensive range of Elinchrom hire equipment, from portable lighting (ELB) through to 150cm Octa box and everything in between. You also receive free Elinchrom hire vouchers when you purchase Elinchrom kits from Team Digital so you can try out all the Elinchrom goodies for yourself.

We also offer a firmware upgrade service for clients who have purchased Elinchrom from us.

No-one knows more about Elinchrom Lighting in WA than Team Digital.