The Epson WA AIPP Awards

Just wanted to say a huge congratulations to everyone involved in the Epson WA AIPP awards this week.

From the
Print handlers
WA AIPP committee
National AIPP organizers

And of cause all the photographers who entered, here a list of of grinners (winners) from last nights awards.

A special congrats to Steve Wise who took out the Portrait Catagory, which is sponsored by Team Digital.

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Aaron Dowling has been named overall winner at The 2016 AIPP WESTERN AUSTRALIAN EPSON Professional Photography Awards

AIPP and EPSON would like to congratulate all of the category winners of The 2016 AIPP Epson Western Australian Awards!

• 2016 AIPP WA Epson Professional Photographer of the Year – Aaron Dowling APP

• 2016 AIPP WA Commercial Photographer of the Year – Yane Sotiroski APP
Commercial Finalists are: Christain Sprogoe

• 2016 AIPP WA Documentary Photographer of the Year – Johannes Reinhart APP AAIPP
Documentary Finalists are: John Woodhouse and Manuel Goria

• 2016 AIPP WA Family Photographer of the Year – Lisa Ivandich APP M.Photog
Family Finalists are: Hilary Adamson and Jo Hitchcock

• 2016 AIPP WA Illustrative Photographer of the Year – Leah Kennedy APP
Illustrative Finalists are: Nik Babic and John Woodhouse

• 2016 AIPP WA Landscape Photographer of the Year – Aaron Dowling APP
Landscape Finalists are: Tony Hewitt and Sheldon Pettit

• 2016 AIPP WA Newborn Photographer of the Year – Sarah Adams APP AAIPP
Newborn Finalists are: Mel Cieslik and Hilary Adamson

• 2016 AIPP WA Portrait Photographer of the Year – Steve Wise APP M.Photog I
Portrait Finalists are: Leanne Clements and David Brittian

• 2016 AIPP WA Sport Photographer of the Year – Manuel Goria APP
Sport Finalist is: Daniel White

• 2016 AIPP WA Travel Photographer of the Year – Aaron Dowling APP
Travel Finalists are: Nick Melidonis and Peta Horsten

• 2016 AIPP WA Wedding Photographer of the Year – Simone Addison APP AAIPP
Wedding Finalists are: Steve Wise and Jason Soon

• 2016 AIPP WA Emerging Photographer of the Year – Chris Saunders
Emerging Finalists are: Kirk Norman and Barbara Brown

• 2016 AIPP WA Student Photographer of the Year – Ricky Gestro
Student Finalists are: James Gifford and Michelle Lucking

• 2016 WA Highest Scoring Print – Steve Wise APP M.Photog I

• 2016 WA John Whitfield King Award – Ricky Gestro

• 2016 WA Print Handler Award – Aaron Dowling APP

• 2016 WA Epson Signature Worthy Award – Sarah Adams APP AAIPP