Sigma Quattro Update Firmware

While all the attention has been on the new Sigma Quattro H, Sigma has let the Quattro dp users down. With this latest firmware we see a lot of the features that are in the Quattro H now in the Quattro dp.
The mode that is growing on us the SFD

The SIGMA Corporation is pleased to announce the firmware update for the SIGMA dp0 Quattro, dp1 Quattro, dp2 Quattro and dp3 Quattro.

・SIGMA dp0 Quattro (Ver.2.01)
・SIGMA dp1 Quattro (Ver.2.01)
・SIGMA dp2 Quattro (Ver.2.01)
・SIGMA dp3 Quattro (Ver.2.01)

Benefits of this firmware update
・It has incorporated the SFD (Super Fine Detail) Mode. (7 Exposure Bracket)
・It has added DNG (No compression RAW Data 12-bit) to the File Format.
・It has changed the specification to initially display selectable languages when all camera settings are reset to factory default with “Reset Settings”.
・It has changed the specification to not unlock FOCUS LOCK (AFL) or AE LOCK (AEL) when using the AFL or AEL functions and displaying the menu window or reviewing images.
・It has improved the accuracy of the electronic level when shooting vertically.
・It has corrected the phenomenon that ISO200 cannot be selected for the high limit in the setting of ISO Sensitivity when using ISO AUTO.
・It has corrected the phenomenon that the last frame of the recorded images may become corrupted when the battery power is insufficient while using Auto Bracketing.

Please download the firmware from the following Download page:
SIGMA dp0 Quattro
SIGMA dp1 Quattro
SIGMA dp2 Quattro
SIGMA dp3 Quattro

* The latest version of SIGMA Photo Pro 6.5.3 is required to process the RAW data (X3F and X3I files) taken by the dp Quattro series after the firmware update.