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New Apple iMacs for 2017

New Apple iMacs for 2017

Now that Apple’s developer conference, WWDC 2017, has come and gone the exciting news is  that the long-awaited Apple iMac upgrade have arrived.

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Apple iMacs 21.5 Inch 2017 Models

Starting with the smaller 21.5 inch iMac the new model brings with it upgraded computing power, improved displays, graphics and connectivity. The 2017 updates offer displays that are 43 percent brighter and support 1 billion colours—they really were stunning in person. Plus, on the connectivity front Thunderbolt 3 has replaced Thunderbolt 2.

A main difference between the base model and the 4K Retina display is that the lower model doesn’t have a discrete graphics card.  Sporting a Radeon 555 the 4K iMac offloads much of the graphics work to the dedicated display card.

One thing to note regarding the new 21.5 inch iMac is that the memory is NOT user upgradable so make sure you choose enough RAM for your use of the iMac when you order.

For all the great features of the smaller screen Apple iMacs, and the differences between the base and 4K display models, chat to someone at Team Digital next time you’re in.

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iMac 27 Inch 2017 Models

For greater performance, more screen real estate and more demanding applications, there are a range of options in the 27 inch models. The Radeon Pro 570 is the base GPU for the new 5K iMac and will really give you a performance boost, especially in 3D, when compared to previous models.

If you are still using a 2014 or earlier iMac for desktop graphics, the step up to the 2017 can provide you a performance surge that is more than noteworthy.  On the other hand, if you are a regular user performing office tasks and doing basic web browsing and video streaming your older machine will likely do you a bit while longer.

Here at Team Digital are working on some custom Apple iMacs configuration designed for our photographic clients.  Keep a close eye on our website next week for the details.