Eizo High Sierra Issue

Countermeasure for ColorNavigator 6 / NX being Unable to Apply a Profile in macOS High Sierra (10.13)

1. Contents

We found the problem that ColorNavigator 6 / NX cannot apply the profile to the OS correctly in macOS High Sierra (10.13). Sometimes the correct color is not displayed so for users currently using High Sierra, please implement the following countermeasures.

[Problem 1] When the user logs out and logs in, the profile is changed to the wrong one.
When the user logs out and logs in (without shut down and restart), the profile applied immediately before might be not retained and the profile applied at OS startup might be instead applied.

[Problem 2] ColorNavigator 6 / NX cannot apply the profile.
ColorNavigator 6 / NX, NetAgent can create and save the profile but cannot apply the profile.  CN cannot display the error and alert of ColorNavigator Agent (icon becomes red).

2. Countermeasure

After logging in and changing the calibration target from ColorNavigator, perform the following steps each time.

1. Open [System preferences] in the Apple menu.


2. Choose [Displays].

Coose Displays

3. Open [Color] tab and uncheck “Show profiles for this display only”. (No need to choose the profile.)
* In multi-monitor environment, open the [Color ] tab in the window of ColorEdge .

uncheck show profils
4. After that, leave this window open and the profile will be applied correctly only by switching between [Display] tab and [Color] tab. (Please leave the check box unchecked.)

3. Permanent measure

We will update ColorNavigator 6 / NX. After permanent measure, if you enable Agent function, the Agent applies the correct profile to the OS after logging in, so the above procedure is unnecessary. However, when disabling Agent function, the above procedure is necessary only after login. (It is unnecessary when changing adjustment target from CN.)

4 Permanent measure

Following fixed versions will be released at the end of December.

  • ColorNavigator Ver.
  • ColorNavigator NX Ver.