Custom Camera Profiling is now possible with Capture One Pro

Camera Profiling

Custom Camera Profiling is now possible for Capture One Pro users with the new public beta of X-Rite’s popular ColorChecker Camera Calibration Software.

Creating them is as simple as 1, 2, 3.

  1. Photograph a ColorChecker Passport or any ColorChecker Classic in .raw file format.
  1. Process the file in Capture One using the recommended settings.
  1. Use Camera Calibration software v1.2 to create your custom ICC camera profile for use in Capture One. Quit and reopen Capture One.

Your newly created ICC camera profile is now available and ready to use based on your specific camera and lens combination during your shooting session.
It’s easy, fast, and FREE!

Heres the link for ColorChecker Calibration Software

If you don’t own a Colorchecker here’s the Xrite Shop