Portrait Inspiration Weekend – Don’t miss it!

We hosted the Landscape Inspiration weekend last year and what an amazing weekend it was. I remember speaking to my good friend Seng about how great it would be to do Portrait Inspiration Weekend, and that’s exactly what Seng has done. If you want to be inspired to get out and take better portraits then this is for you. On the weekend you will have some of the best WA portrait photographers to inspire you. If it’s even half as good as the Landscape Weekend it’s going to be a cracker.

portrait Weekend


Saturday 13 April and Sunday 14 April (9:30am – 4:00pm)
The Bunker Gallery, Team Digital (5 Coolgardie Terrace, Perth)
$199 (both days)

If you love portrait photography and are looking for something to inspire and energise your vision, then you cannot afford to miss this weekend. Come and join seven of Perth’s most creative and inspiring portrait photographers for an unforgettable weekend devoted to the variety and diversity in the genre. The “Portrait Inspiration Weekend” is designed to educate, motivate and inspire!

Whether you’re a beginner or a serious photographer, there will be many tips, techniques and lessons to be picked up: from creative lighting to conceptualising a portrait shoot, from storytelling to editing — this weekend will be packed with information, advice and inspiration!

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Sarah Adams – A Fine Art Eye for Portraiture
Discover how powerful stories and emotions can be communicated through the medium of portraiture. WA Professional Portrait Photographer of the Year, Sarah Adams, specialises in moving and emotive fine art portraits that, through the magical medium of photography, take on a life and story of their own. Sarah will share what inspires her and how she works her ideas to fruition.

Steve Wise – Portrait Wizardry with Wisey (Live demonstration)
One of Australia’s most awarded portrait photographers, Steve Wise, will dazzle you with his approach to lighting, shooting and creating portraits. Be part of a live demonstration as “Wisey” shows you how his simple, yet highly effective, approach to portrait lighting, followed by an examination of the key elements that make for strong portraits. Learn from the Australian Professional Portrait Photographer of the Year and winner of the Fremantle International Portrait Prize.

Jennifer Smith – Soulful Moments in Child Portraiture
Owner of children’s portraiture business, The Cucumber Walrus, Jennifer Smith excels in capturing dreamy and soulful portraits of children. Join her as she shares her unique approach to working with and photographing children using natural light. Learn how Jenn transforms reluctant children into her “shots of the day” and creates moving and poignant portraits of young people.

Channon Williamson – First Light: Newborn Photography
Learn how to think and see like newborn photography in this enlightening session with WA Professional Newborn Photographer of the Year, Channon Williamson. Channon specialises in beautiful and evocative maternity and newborn photography. Discover the key elements in photographing newborns, and then learn how you can bring in a creative and fine art style to newborn photography.

Brett Canet-Gibson – Portraits from the Pavement
Award-winning portrait photographer and visual artist, Brett Canet-Gibson chases faces and gazes across Perth’s streets and suburbs, creating riveting portraits using just natural light and a portable backdrop. Brett offers insights on his artistic style and unique approach to connecting with and photographing strangers. Brett’s portrait are exhibited at the National Portrait Gallery and is winner of the DUO Percival Photographic Portrait Prize.

Jessica Truscott – Imagine
Jessica Truscott extends the medium of portraiture into the realms of the imagination, with works that are infused with elements of dreams and fantasy. An award-winning studio and family photographer, Jessica will share the more creative and imaginative side of her portraiture in her approach to creating illustrative portraits. Join her as she shows you how she weaves a magical portrait out of photographic elements.

Simone Addison – The Creation of a Portrait
Join Simone Addison, winner of the prestigious John Whitfield King Photography Award, on a journey into the creation of a portrait, from concept to finish. You’ll discover that a portrait is more than just a representation of a person; learn how imagination, planning, preparation and shooting/editing with deliberation can create a compelling portrait.

Seng Mah – Dark Portraiture (Live demonstration)
Embrace the “dark side” of portraiture with Seng Mah in a live demonstration of low-key lighting in portrait photography. Seng will show you how he uses simple lighting setups to craft dramatically lit “dark portraits”. Learn how to shape faces and forms with shadow, and how feathered lighting can be your most powerful ally when it comes to creative portrait lighting.