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Phase One IQ4 150MP System WA Launch

We had the launch of the new amazing IQ4 150MP sysytem last night. Big thanks to Christian Fletcher for sharing the MEGA prints from his tests on the new system. It was a real eye opener as to what file quality the 150MP back could produce.


The MEGA exhibition is on until 4th July in the Bunker Gallery. Some of the prints are so big and have so much detail you almost feel like you can jump into the image – minus the sea spray and wind.


Thanks also the John and Celeste from Phase One for coming over for the launch. John went through the technology that is now part of the system. I think we can safely say that the IQ4 is the best and most advanced true medium format system on the market.

Here are some of the features:

Automated Frame Averaging
Colour Accurate Screen
Build In CaptureOne
Automatic Focus Stacking
Auto Timelapse
Vibration Control
Hyperfocal setting
And last but not least 1/2000 flash sync with Leaf lens

The new feature that stood out to us was the Automated Frame Averaging. This effectively enables the capture of long exposure images without the need for filters. This new type of sequencing tool automatically captures and combines a series of images into a single RAW file, which reduces noise, extends dynamic range, and protects highlights.

The built-in Capture One software was also really exciting – basically allowing us to apply studios styles directly during capture, improving workflow for studio shooters.

If you want to know more or book a test drive, contact our Phase One Specialist Trevor Donetta on 9328 3377.