Head East and Turn Right Exhibition.

Head East and Turn Right

Head East and Turn Right, when the finite becomes infinite. Taking away the finite horizon from the landscape we lose our point of reference to where we are. There is no separation between the land and sky.

Exhibition by Chris Dark and Chris Saunders

Opening 28th Sept to 26th October

“Having photographed the land east of Perth from the air, what stays with you more than anything else is just how endless it seems and how beautiful it is. We wanted to experience this from the ground as well. Head East and Turn Right is essentially a search for big open spaces that seem infinite. What better way to experience such a space than on an ancient inland sea, or salt lake as they are more commonly called.

After the initial mind adjustment from the chaos of our daily lives to the simplicity of life on the edge of an inland sea. We began to really appreciate how much the endless salt flats change their character from day to day. The effect the wind has moving the thin sheets of water around the lake. How the sky and sun reflects on the water and salt crystals, and how the moon glistened on the lake at night. 

This collection of images were made instinctively based on what was going on around us and how it made us feel.”