Jinbei BOOM

The Jinbei 2 in 1, Convertible Light Stand with Self-Telescoping Boom Arm first appears as a light stand. However, the first two sections can be pulled out and turned around to form a lighting boom. Booms enable you to mount the lighting and reflectors in all angles and directions, giving you ultimate flexibility and endless options when shaping your light. 

Extends to 5m in light stand mode
Stands 2.9m tall with a 2.2m boom arm in the horizontal position
Built-in boom arm design allows the stand to compact down to 1.37m for easy transportation
Sturdy all-metal construction
Durable metal twist locks
Includes a sandbag counterweight (empty)

Sections:  4 
Maximum Height:  290cm with boom, or 500cm as a light stand
Minimum Height:  137cm
Spigot (inch):  1/4 and 3/8
Boom Length:  110cm-220cm
Boom Sections:  2
Net Weight:  4kg