Eizo Big Sur Catalina

Help File: Eizo compatibility with new Apple OS

Recently we’ve had a number of customers update to Apple OS Catalina and Big Sur with tragic results. While many other monitor brands are well and truly in landfill after 8 years of use, we’re finding that the Eizo’s are lasting far longer. We’ve got one that’s over 13 years old and still going strong. So what happens if you update to the latest OS? You won’t be able to use ColourNavigator 7. The models listed below are incompatible with 64-bit Catalina or above.

This is the problem in a nut shell:

Starting from Mac OS 10.15 Catalina, Apple OS has been programmed to work with 64-bit systems only.

Earlier ColorEdge models – while still running strong – are 32-bit only & can only be calibrated with ColorNavigator 6 (a 32-bit programme).
And ColorNavigator 6 can not be run on Catalina or above.

Can you see the problem?

Effected ColorEdge Monitors

The below monitors are only compatible with ColorNavigator 6 and NX and are not supported by macOS Catalina. If your model is listed here, please refrain from updating the OS or change to a model that supports ColorNavigator 7 (see loyalty discount offer below, and a list of supported monitors here).

21.3″CG210, CG211
22″CG220, CG221, CG222W, CG223W
24.1″CG241W, CG242W, CG243W
29.8″CG301W, CG303W

Effected Calibration Sensors

The below sensors operate with a 32-bit driver and are not supported by macOS Catalina. Please refrain from updating the OS or change to a newer model.

DataColorSpyder3, Spyder4

Option 1 – Do not upgrade, if you can avoid it

If you would like to continue using ColorNavigator 6 or NX to hardware calibrate your monitor, please do not update to Catalina or BigSur. We do understand that this is not an option for some of you, so read on.

Option 2 – Upgrade to a new EIZO ColorEdge CG (all CG come with a handy built-in sensor)

Take advantage of our loyalty discount offer to purchase a new ColorEdge CG range monitor.  Contact us for full details.

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