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Poseidon has arrived.

Not the god of the ocean, just a tripod. Well it’s not just a tripod either, it’s a sand-proof, water-proof, dust-proof monster you can throw at the elements & keep shooting.

Unique and New Classic Blue
Classic blue carbon fibre tube, distinctive new lock system and 3D wave-shaped anti-spinning silica gel mats highlight the new style of modern photography.

Toray 100% 10-Layer Carbon Fiber
Toray 100% 10-Layer carbon fibre tubes feature cross rhombus structure for greater strength, stability and less vibration.

Corrosion Resistant
Seawater corrosion is regarded as a “metal-eating tiger”. Most of the foot spikes and rubber feet screws on the market are made of a stainless steel / aluminium alloy. When photographers shoot sea views, these parts are usually immersed in seawater and soon become corroded. Titanium alloy has the reputation of being an “underwater metal” so it’s the Nemesis of seawater corrosion. POSEIDON SERIES tripods’ foot spikes, rubber feet screws, and tube plugs are all made of titanium alloy for seawater corrosion resistance.

Water- and Sand-Proof System
The water- and sand-proof feature saves a lot of cleaning and maintenance time for photographers and improves their recording efficiency. At the same time, it can help you avoid missing the best shooting time when the tripod cannot be used normally due to the intrusion of sand and water.

Anti-Twist Technology
Three embedded Silica gel mats avoid twisting in water. The 3D wavy design perfectly matches the ocean.

Tight and Compact
Born to be distinctive. Completely different from typical tripods with a centre column, it features no centre column and 3 fully foldable legs, which makes the tripod more stable and compact.

Hollow-Out Top Plate
A hollow-out top plate design makes the tripod lighter and more flexible.

Safety and Anti-Rotation Design
Includes 3 set-screws on the top plate to secure the ball head mounted on the tripod (turn the set-screws upwards with the included allen wrench to secure the ball head on top).

Not Only for Cameras
UNC 1/4″ mounting holes on the bottom and side of the leg joint are perfect for magic arms and smartphones.

Hollow-Out Leg Joint Design/Hanging System
UNC 1/4″ mounting holes on the bottom of the leg joint for weight hook attachment.

Dual Drop-Notches and Low-Profile Ball Head
We believe that your investment should be rewarded with years of satisfaction. The LH series offers up to 45 degrees of tilt in all directions, and up to 90 degrees in the two drop-notches. The knurled main lock knob independently controls the tension of the main ball joint. The midsize knurled knob features independent control of the panning base, which has laser-engraved degree markers every 2.5 degrees. The smaller spade knob always works in union with the main lock knb to set a minimum amount of resistance on the ball joint, independent of the main lock knob being fully loosened or not.

Tripod Bag
Professional grade carrier bag design, double YKK zippers. Hooks are full metallic. 900D polyester, coated with PU water-resistant material, 1.5″ nylon strap.

Asymmetrical Positioning of Hand-Carrying Strap
The end where the ball head is in is heavier when the tripod kit is packed inside the tripod bag. So we design the hand-carrying strap position asymmetrically to balance the weight.