Profoto OCF Softbox 1×4′


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Available on back-order

The Profoto OCF Softbox measures 1 x 4′ to provide a long, narrow beam spread that’s useful for a hair, accent, or background light. Great for casting long, elegant highlights on reflective objects, it produces lengthy shadow edges from the long side and harder light from the short side with shorter shadow edges. The softbox includes a strip mask and a bag, and an optional fabric grid is available for separate purchase. The OCF Softbox requires a speed ring for use.

• Creates a soft flattering light
• Color-coded rods and diffusers for fast and easy setup
• Compact and lightweight
• Made with carefully chosen fabrics
• Requires an OCF speed ring (sold separately)
• Use with an optional softgrid for even more precise light shaping
• Labeled soft bag
• Strip mask

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Weight1.1 kg
Dimensions14 × 83 × 5 cm