Kupo 193 Medium Baby Kit Stand with adjustable Square leg


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KUPO 288cm Medium Baby Kit Light Stand with 10kg load

The KUPO 193 Baby Kit Light Stand with 10kg load will reach a maximum height of 2.88 metres. It has a load capacity of 10 kg. That's the same load as a C-Stand, yet the Kupo 193 light stand weighs only 2.5kg, less than a third the weight of a C-Stand!

In addition to all the quality details that make Kupo stand out from other brands, this stand has the mounting stud welded directly to the top riser, increasing it's strength and durability. It uses durable metal brake castings and knobs, to ensure this light stand will last many years.

The Kupo 193 light stand also features a levelling leg, for use on stairs, a curb or uneven terrain.


  • Weight:  2.5kg
  • Maximum Load: 10kg
  • Maximum Height: 288cm
  • Risers:  3
  • Sections:  4
  • 1st Riser Diameter:  35 mm
  • 2nd Riser Diameter:  30 mm
  • 3rd Riser Diameter:  25 mm
  • 4th Riser Diameter:  20 mm
  • Leg Diameter:  22 mm Square
  • Primary Material:  Black Aluminum
  • Secondary Material:  Stainless Steel Bolts
  • Leveling Leg:  Yes
  • Fixed Stand Adapter: 5/8 in (16 mm) Stud
  • Stand Adapter Type:  Welded
  • Minimum Operating Height: 87cm
  • Footprint Diameter:  88cm
  • Folded Length:  88cm


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