Canon PitStop Record

Today was Canon Pitstop Day, the response was great. So great that the (Pit Boss) Aka Rick Slowgrove broke a personal record cleaning the sensors of over 115 cameras in just over an afternoon . I big thanks to Rick for a mighty effort today.

There were other things that happened at Pitstop Day including
The release of the Amazing 1Dmk4, it looks like it has raised the bar by a long way, time will tell.
The 100mm Macro IS what a great lens, weve now added to our hire list so try it out youll be impressed.
The Pocketwizard Canon TTL system that works.
And some amazing flash gizmos which look great. but seriously these are new flash attachments will be a great asset for any photographers kit.
There will be a review coming in the next few days.

All this except the Canon 1Dmk4 will be on display for the next 2 days at Team Digital.
Our thanks again to the Canon Team Michelle , Rick and Matt.