Canon 7D review

As part of the Team Digital blog we promised some product reviews. This is the first of these reviews, Were every happy that Michael Fletcher could spent some time with the new Canon 7D. Here is a summary of that review , to check out the full review go the link listed below.
Christian Fletcher Blog Link
In summary the Canon 7D was not ground breaking for me as I already have a Canon 5DMk2. If I didn’t have a 5DMk2 I would consider the 7D as it is only marginally lower in quality to the 5DMk2 with the added bonus of the 50fps Slow Mo option and lets face it, most of the work produced these days is viewed on a computer so who really needs large format quality.The frame rates of 24p and 25p give you a bit more flexibility as you don’t have to convert the footage to PAL broadcast rate of 25fps like you have to from the 5D’s 30fps. An upgrade for the 5DMk2 in the future will fix this problem also so the 5D will have 24fps and 25fps.

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