Gigapan has arrived

Team Digital has received stock of the New Gigapan Epic Pro.

We have had some great fun with it over the week . See the unit in action and have a laugh at

Just as a bit of a covering comment re video there was three takes all a bit of fun .

Take 1) was because we had set the Gigapan to do bracket exposure . Which it can do up to 20 exposures per frame

Take 2) was because we had someone walking through the shot

Take 3) was because we used the Canon 100mm IS and the IS was on and everyone knows that you shouldn’t have IS on when you are shooting on a tripod, if you want sharp images .

The actual shot took under a minute to do 28 frames.

We also now have our hire unit which you can hire after this weekend at $ 100.00 per day. If you decide to purchase a Gigapan after you have hired it and we know you will want to. We will give you 100% of hire costs off the new unit ( conditions do apply )

We have been testing it now for a week and we love what the unit does. We will have a full review very shortly.