Weekend workshop “Flash Photography FastTrack “

Now fully booked

Venture Photography and Team Digital have partnered to present a very special workshop on flash photography!

Are you confused or frustrated by your flash speedlight (or external flash)? Do you struggle with getting the right exposure or the right look when you’re using your speedlight?

Flash Photography Fasttrack will lift the veil on the “mysteries” of flash photography. In three hours, you’ll gain a solid understanding of how your speedlight flash works and how you can use it to add intensity and impact to your photographs

This workshop is a great introduction to flash photography and will equip you with the confidence and skills to use your flash speedlight on and off camera. You will also learn flash photography techniques such as bounce flash, and how flash modifiers can affect the quality of light.

If you’ve ever wanted to learn more about using your flash to create photographic portraits with that Wow! factor, then sign up for this.