Reach for the stars with the Nikon D810A.

Nikon have just released there first dedicated astrophotography DSLR.


Introducing the new D810A, Nikon’s first FX-format DSLR*1 exclusively created for astrophotography. With an impressive 36.3-megapixel image sensor that shoots in ultra high definition, this stellar camera also features outstanding capabilities to capture nebulae that emit with H-alpha wavelength in red. It is enhanced with unique functions specifically designed for astrophotography, such as the long exposure Manual (M*) mode and live view preview function to better capture the majestic beauty of the night sky.

Thanks to a redesigned infrared (IR) cut filter, the D810A is four times more sensitive to the H-alpha spectral line (a wavelength of approx., 656 nm) than the D810. A powerful tool for photographers, this specialised D-SLR frees you to capture the true colour of deep sky marvels without modifying the camera.

The new feature include

Modified Infrared (IR) cut filter
Capture nebulae and starfields without external filters. The D810A transmits light from the hydrogen-alpha spectral line at a rate that is four times higher than the D810.

Long exposure M mode
Alongside Bulb and Time settings, an additional Long Exposure manual mode allows exposures of up to 900 seconds.

Electronic front-curtain shutter
Activate the electronic front-curtain shutter to minimise internal vibrations during exposure and reduce the risk of micro-blur in even subtle details.

Unlimited continuous shooting
Produce seamless star-trail photography. Shoot in continuous release mode with a shutter speed of 4 seconds or slower, and you can record as many high-quality JPEGs as your media cards and battery life allow.

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