Ilford Tesuki Washi Echizen Pearl review




We believe this is one of the most unique papers we have ever printed on. Don’t just take our word on that check out Chris Saunder’s review on the Ilford Tesuki Washi Echizen Pearl.

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This is a short review with Western Australian Professional Landscape Photographer Chris Saunders on one of the unique media on the market the Ilford Tesuki Washi Echizen Pearl. Chris gives us his insight into what makes this media so good with the right images. Conducted at Team Digital your inkjet specialists.

Here’s the Technical info

ILFORD GALERIE TESUKI-WASHI Echizen Pearl 110 is true handmade Japanese Washi-based fine art paper, featuring a unique
‘Pearlescent’ finish. The Echizen area, where the washi base paper is produced, has a history spanning over 1500 years.
ILFORD’s new original coating technology adds another dimension to the washi range, with a stunning sparkle effect.
Photographers, artists and print-makers can now create brilliant inkjet prints with a natural handmade texture and shimmer.
A1 + and A3+ (13×19”) sizes are also available with a deckle edge on all four sides.


True handmade Japanese paper
Composed of a mixture of Kozo 40% and Hemp 60% fibres
Unique ‘Pearlescent’ finish
Original ‘Sparkle’ effect coating technology
High durability base with exceptional tear resistance
No optical brighteners