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Epson Desktop Printer Ink – clearance

Epson Desktop Printer Ink – clearance


Sometimes we carry so much ink cartridge stock for the Epson desktop printer range that some are left on the shelf. Sadly these ink carts are yet to find their forever homes & have now aged a little too well.

We DO NOT recommend using these for colour-critical output, but they’re still great for other projects. Can you help these chronological outcasts find a second lease on life?


Epson R1900 inks (no splits, must take all)$80

2 x C13T087090 – Gloss Optimiser (Twin Pack)
1 x C13T087190 – Photo Black
1 x C13T087390 – Magenta
3 x C13T087490 – Yellow
1 x C13T087890 – Matte Black
1 x C13T087990 – Orange

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R1900 printer

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Epson R3000 inks (no splits, must take all)$200

2 x C13T157490 – Yellow
1 x C13T157590 – Light Cyan
2 x C13T157690 – Vivid Light Magenta
2 x C13T157790 – Light Black
3 x C13T157890 – Matte Black
2 x C13T157990 – Light Light Black

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R3000 printer

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Epson 3800 inks (no splits, must take all)$180
2 x C13T580300 – Magenta
4 x C13T580600 – Light Magenta

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3800 printer

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All cartridges are Epson Genuine products but past their Best Before dates. They have been stored according to best practices & have not been mistreated during their extended stay at Team. If you would like to know more about the pros & cons of using inks past their recommended usage period, feel free to contact us to discuss.



Published December 21st, 2022.