Nanlite Compac 24B Colour adjustable LED soft panel


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Available on back-order

Colour Variable LED studio SOFT light

IMAGINE a beautiful soft light in a small compact unit (5cm) that will consume less than half the space of a softbox? Well Nanlite have released just the thing for you. Super slim with a diffused front panel that takes up the whole front surface for maximum softness in the smallest space. Combined with 240 LED's at either daylight or tungsten these soft panels also offer high power to throw the light a good distance. 
Being a colour variable panel allows you to match any lighting situation.
Great for a wide range of photography and videography use. Including but not limited to, Newborn, Product, Events, Portraits, Weddings and more.

Unit includes:

– Nanlite Compac 24B Panel x1
– Power Cord x1 

Illumination: 690 Lux @ 1m (5600K)
ColorTemperature: 5600K-3200K
Brightness Control: 0% – 100% Dimmer
Size: 172 x 316 x 75mm
Weight: 0.72kg

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Weight2 kg
Dimensions0.19 × 0.09 × 0.36 cm